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"Welcome Dear Parent,
If You are here,
You are on the right path to choose the best education for your child"


In the initial years, the child’s brain undergoes major development at a rapid pace. From the day they were born, our children require emotional care and physical affection in a nurturing and soothing environment. Every single experience is a totally new one for these bundles of joy. Their world is filled with seeing, hearing and feeling, which stimulates their senses to help them grow and develop.As your child advances onto The Early Learning Years playing with other kids helps him to unlock his social skills which will be an important lifetime tool. It also provides the vital building block for lifelong self-esteem. Being in a playschool or playgroup enhances their social and personal growth with the interactions made.Our classroom is equipped with a broad array of materials and our programme encourages each child's natural desire to learn. Children learn to concentrate, self-initiate, problem-solve and organize themselves. Play leads to a healthy dose of creativity, coordination and cooperation.Intending to incorporate maximum learning at this stage, D Y Patil Internatonal School Satara Follows a unique curriculum for pre-primary school students of Nursery, Jr KG And Sr Kg.

Our little stars and angels hold enormous talent waiting to be sparked through just the right push that they need.

The vibrant learning environment plays well with a mix of several methodologies such as Montessori and skill development learning. These when combined, make their journey a bright and colourful one. We focus on strengthening the foundation of learning by encouraging curiosity and independent thinking in the classrooms. Each child is motivated to ask questions and experience the learning first hand. Our multi-sensory learning approach looks after the overall development of the child. With many more such learning and techniques, we want to become a famous name for Pre-primary education in Satara and best primary schools in India.

In our pre-primary school we have a wide range of a creative approach of phonetics, we ensure our students with fluency in reading and speaking. The thing that makes us one of the best primary schools in India is that we understand children well. Each alphabet is introduced to the students as a story through visual and audio aids. Similarly, Numeracy is taught with a hands-on learning approach, through creative numeric toys and kits.

If you are wondering which is the best primary school near me that your search is over, we are without a doubt the best primary schools in India and are widely spread primary schools in India.



Public Speaking


Arts And Crafts






Celebrating Teachers Day

Every students learns while they enjoy the small things and celebrate together.


Understanding the progression of technology plays a vital role in adapting to the ever evolving future

Celebrating Technology


Learning values of our culture and repecting our country.

Respect Your Country

Areas Of Learning



The sensorial Teaching help to develop the five senses of touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing.

5 Benefits Of Sensory Play :

  • build nerve connections in the brain

  • encourages the development of motor skills

  • supports language development

  • encourages ‘scientific thinking’ and problem solving

  • involve mindful activities which are beneficial for all children



Language skills usually blossom between four and five years of age. With DYPIS learning methodologies Children of this age can :

  • verbalize extensively

  • can repeat four-syllable words

  • tell stories

  • can answer questions about stories

  • the ability to answer "what" questions

  • the ability to describe what they just saw or experience.



Boosting the creativity of our children plays an important role in our curriculum of arts.

Art and craft projects are a natural extension of class work. Each child's work is recognized as special and unique.

Every week, Our children go through extensive learning of arts and crafts while understanding concepts of important days helping the development of creativity.



We understand what will shape our children, as yoga has been a part of daily activity in our School, here are a few benefits of yoga for our children

  • helps children manage their anxiety

  • improves children's emotional regulation

  • boosts children's self-esteem.
  • increases children's body awareness and mindfulness

  • enhances children's concentration and memory

  • develops children's strength and flexibility.

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