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Education- The right tool to remould and reshape our World

International Day of Education

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 24th January as International Day of Education in celebration of the role of education for peace and development.

Education is the most powerful force in our hands to ensure significant improvements in Health, to stimulate economic growth, to unlock the potential and innovation. We need to build more strong and sustainable societies..

Following are the main tools to get children into Schools and offer them a good quality education.

1. Foundational skills in literacy and numeracy especially for those who need remedial support.

2. Working amongst refugee and migrant population to enable their children affected by conflict to continue their education.

3. Increase the self-esteem of children so that they are empowered and supported by their parents, teachers, and communities and improve their participation in school.

4. Economic support for communities, Parents and Girls.

Not every child faces the barrier to education, although many children face more than one. Not every barrier can be surmounted, but they can be navigated around.

Everyone’s right to education must be protected

A new initiative should be taken like “Make a group of Friends for Education or Lifelong learning”.

Education is not the learning of Facts, but the training of mind to think.

The fight for education is the mother of all battles.

How we implement the global education goal will determine the success of the entire push, to end poverty, strengthen peace and protect the planet.

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