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India's Gift to Science: Black Gold

India makes a major breakthrough in the world of Science.

National Science Day is celebrated in India on 28th February each year to mark the discovery of Raman effect by Indian Physicist Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman (Sir C.V.Raman).

He is known for his groundbreaking work in the field of light scattering (known as Raman Effect). He is the first Indian to win the Nobel Prize for Physics and honoured with Bharat Ratna.

National Science Day is being celebrated to discuss all the issues and implement new technologies for development in the field of Science. It is an opportunity for the scientific-minded citizens in the country. With the help of Science, human has made their lives better and easy. Not only this, we have made impossible things possible like man is reaching into space, A.I. Powered Robots, Quantum Computers, Solar Powered Buildings, Communication satellite, Barcode, Drone, Google Maps etc. have been invented.

Therefore, Science holds great importance in our lives. India has contributed a lot in the field of Science. Many great scientists are born in India and recognized India in the field of Science and made a separate place too.

We are Proud to mention the new invention by Indian Scientists who developed a wonder material called “Black Gold”

Indian Scientists have tinkered with the chemistry of the Gold and have turned it into ‘black gold’. They claim that it can be potentially used for applications ranging from Solar energy harvesting to Desalinating seawater.

Scientists at the Mumbai – based Tata Institute of Fundamental Research used gold Nanoparticles and by re-arranging size and gaps developed a new material which has unique properties such as capacity to absorb light and carbon dioxide. In appearance it is black, hence the name – ‘black gold’.

Black Gold could convert carbon dioxide into methane at atmospheric pressure and temperature using solar energy. It can perform artificial Photosynthesis, capturing carbon-dioxide and converting it into fuel and other useful chemicals. According to researchers, the material can be used as a Nano heater to convert sea-water into potable water with good efficiency. Its results indicate the potential application of black gold in the purification of seawater to potable water by via steam generation using solar energy.

Today, Technology has created amazing tools and resources, putting useful information at our fingertips:

1. To connect with someone in society or keep in touch with loved ones living in foreign lands we have many more efficient options at our fingertips.

2. It’s very simple to pay for things using only your smartphone with e-Wallet.

3. E-Reader devices have made reading easier. Though you are not reading, you are still able to read a great story through an audio book.

4. Online Shopping and Food Delivery is an easy way to buy or get what you need with a click of a button.

5. Cloud Storage is an opportunity to download your files on the server with an ability to access them from any gadget and any place.

With these examples, we come to know that Science not only provides a good career opportunity, but also is very useful in our daily life which transforms our lives and also provides a new direction to think and invent new technology as seen above.

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